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Greatest Crime in Human History

Part Five 

One World Government
- Billions of People To Be Eliminated
“All America Must Know the Terror that is Upon Us." "To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?"



The Rothschild’s Global Crime Syndicate

  • Today’s Greatest Crime in Human History had its beginning hundreds of years ago in the Rothschild era. See the “Dynasty of Rothschild / The Only Trillionaires” https://www.youtube.com/watch/5rtRL0vvUBQ
  • The Rothschilds and The Royal Family links go back to ‘Natty’ Rothschild. https://www.thejc.com/news/features/royal-links-go-back-to-natty-rothschild-1.495441
  • “The Rothschilds murdered at least seven US Presidents!” The House of Rothschild recognized that sovereign governments printing interest-free and debt-free paper money would break their power.” https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/12/12/the-rothschilds-murdered-at-least-seven-us-presidents-2/
  • “The House of Zionist Rothschild bought Reuters news service in the 1800's. Within the last 20 years, Reuters bought the Associated Press. Now the Elite own the two largest wire services in the world, where most newspapers get their news.
  • The Rothschilds have control of all three U.S. Networks, plus other aspects of the recording and mass media industry.”

The Committee of 300

This was founded in 1729 by the Black Nobility through the BEIC (British East India Company), to deal with international banking and trade problems and to support the opium trade. It is run by the British Crown. It comprises the entire world banking system plus the most important representatives of Western nations. Through the Committee of 300 all banks are linked to Rothschild. All the organizations following in these pages have been “made” by the Committee of 300. (Page 83 of 194) http://www.mat.ufrgs.br/~giacomo/Livros/Literatura/Helsing%20-%20Secret%20Societies%20and%20Their%20Power%20in%20the%2020th%20Century%20(1995).pdf

·         Dr. John Coleman published in his book Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300, 290 organizations, 125 banks and 341 names of former and present members of the committee, of which I will list here but a few: Balfour, Arthur; Brandt, Willy; Bulwer-Lytton, Edward (Author of The Coming Race); Bundy, McGeorge; Bush, George [H.W.]; Carrington, Lord; Chamberlain, Huston Stewart; Constanti, House of Orange; Delano, Family, Frederic Delano (was on the Federal Reserve board); Drake, Sir Francis; Du Pont Family; Forbes, John M.; Frederik IX, King of Denmark; George, Lloyd; Grey, Sir Edward; Haig, Sir Douglas; Harriman, Averill; Hohenzollern, House of; House, Colonel Edward Mandell; Inchcape, Lord; Kissinger, Henry; Lever, Sir Harold; Lippmann, Walter; Lockhart, Bruce; Loudon, Sir John; Mazzini, Giuseppe; Mellon, Andrew; Milner, Lord Alfred; Mitterand, Francois; Morgan, J.P.; Norman, Montague; Oppenheimer, Sir Harry; Palme, Olof; Princess Beatrix; Queen Elisabeth II; Queen Juliana; Rainier, Prince; Retinger, Joseph; Rhodes, Cecil; Rockefeller, David; Rothmere, Lord; Rothschild, Baron Edmond de; Shultz, George; Spellman, Cardinal; Thyssen-Bornemisza, Baron Han Heinrich; Vanderbilt, Family; Von Finck; Baron August; Von Habsburg, Otto; Von Thurn und Taxis, Max; Warburg, S.G.; Warren, Earl; Young, Owen https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/secretsoc_20century/secretsoc_20century10.htm#CHAPTER%2056

·         Dr. John Coleman, PhD & MI-6 Intelligence Officer – 21 Goals of the Illuminati and the Committee of 300.   Wake-up America! One World Government – dictatorship! Democratic Party of the U.S. is part of the group pushing for One World Government. 

https://eraoflight.com/2019/09/11/exposing-the-cabal-illuminati-deep-state-globalists-and-           global-elites-that-rule-the-world/

·         Committee of 300 Institutions through which CONTROL IS EXERCISED:

Dr. John Coleman said in the Forward of his talk: “What I saw filled me with anger and resentment and launched me on a course from which I have not deviated, namely to uncover what power it is that controls and manages the British and United States governments.”   https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_committee300_03.htm#Section_7

·         Founded by the British Aristocracy in 1729, it is a product of the British East Indian Company’s Council of 300. “The Olympians are the Military Industrial Complex and the banking cartel operating under Admiralty Law.” ”A One World Government to front what they themselves term, the New World Order. A unified church and monetary system protected by a world army which they can send to any area on the globe that spirit shows itself active. They will have a ready-made global police force brutally suppressing any and all rebellion, backed by a one world system they call justice, which equates to no rights for the human slave with all rights favouring the corporation. Readers seeking the TRUTH are implored to continue reading Dr. John L. Coleman, PhD Constitutional Lawyer and an MI6 Intelligence officer) what will sound to be shocking, terrifying and unimaginable  behavior of the extremely wealthy, privileged Committee of 300.

·         See also the Institutions and firms that benefit enormously from work they receive from the Committee of 300. Especially note the vast reach of the Stanford Research Institute who conducted research on mind control, their ongoing work on chemical and bacteriological warfare (CAB) weapons, and their value to all intelligence-collection and other agencies.  

·                  Readers need to know what the Committee of 300 have done to cause today’s unprecedented attack on democracy, which have included orchestrating the Watergating of U.S. President Nixon and the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.  https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_committee300_

·         People need to realize that, up until their surname was changed to “Windsor” during World War I, the British royal family’s name of “Saxe-Coburg-Gotha made clear their strong German origins. The future King Edward VIII, known as David to his friends and family, was particularly close to his German cousins, and strongly embraced German culture. https://www.biography.com/news/edward-viii-wallis-simpson-nazi-sympathizers-hitler#:~:text=Edward%20expressed%20his%20early%20support%20for%20Hitler

·         Committee of 300 members. In 2010, members included (Jews are shown in bold, underlined): Henry Kissinger, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, Prince Andrew, Princess, Steve Ballmer, Tony Blair, US President George HW Bush,  Prince Philip – Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles (of Wales), Bill Clinton, David Sr., David Jr., and Nicholas Rockefellers,  Jacob Rothschild, De Rothschild – Benjamin (1), David Rene James (2) Evelyn Robert (3) and Leopold David (4); Klaus Schwab, Prince Edward (of Kent), Queen Sofia (of Spain), Mikhail Gorbachev, Stephen Harper, William (Prince) of Wales, etc.

http://socioecohistory.x10host.com/2012/04/23/current-membership-list-of-the-illuminati-committee-of-300/      https://forward.com/news/breaking-news/373383/5-presidential-scandals-with-jews-in-the-hot-seat/ 

·        Chairman of the all-powerful Council on Foreign Relations today is Jewish Billionaire, David Rubenstein, who co-founded the exclusive investment capital firm: the Carlyle Group in 1987 (“The Presidents’ Company – World largest War Industry). https://steemit.com/politics/@steemitpolitics/the-carlyle-group-the-presidents-company-worlds-largest-war-industry

The Illuminati
(Formed in 1921, America’s branch of the Illuminati is called the
Council on Foreign Relationsor CFR)


·         The Illuminati was founded in May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt (then known as The Order of Perfectibilists) and funded by Lord Meyer Rothschild. It has 13 powerful families who coined the term “New World Order. Their historical roots date back centuries, and it is known that they control practically everything around the globe: from political parties around the world, courthouses, educational institutions, natural resources, foreign policies, food, national economies, media houses, even terrorist organisations. They also want a total population of less than one billion people and even mention vaccines as one means to control the population. https://www.indiatimes.com/culture/who-we-are/these-are-the-13-families-in-the-world-that-apparently-control-everything-from-politics-to-terrorism-257642.html 

·         The 13 families include the Astor,  Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, LI, Onassis, Rockefeller, Russell, Van Duyn, Merovingian and Rothschild bloodlines and other super rich families. https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/FC/FC2F5371043C48FDD95AEDE7B8A49624_Springmeier.-.Bloodlines.of.the.Illuminati.R.pdf  

·         The long term political goals of the Illuminati (and the CFR) - which includes Queen Elizabeth II, Henry Kissinger and Jacob Rothschild amongst others. https://www.complex.com/life/list-of-illuminati-members/henry-kissinger  call for the execution of the following plan:   
1. Abolition of all monarchies and all ordered government
2. Abolition of private property and inheritances
3. Abolition of patriotism and nationalism
4. Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage
5. The establishment of communal education for children
6. Abolition of all religion
https://ia801901.us.archive.org/3/items/1666-redemption-through-sin-global-conspi-robert-sepehr/1666-Redemption-Through-Sin-Global-Conspi-Robert-Sepehr.pdf  (page 27)

·         Succeeding the Rockefellers is eugenicist Bill Gates (the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), George Soros and other multibillionaires, some of whom are discussed below.

·         Jul 14, 2020 - CFR Meets (virtually) with Industry to discuss China and 5G.

·         In 2021, not only is CFR member Frances Fragos Townsend on the executive committee of the Trilateral Commission, but is also Co-Chair of the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force on Preparing for the Next Pandemichttps://www.cfr.org/bio/frances-fragos-townsend

·         To understand how Zionists managed to entice Britain to get the U.S. involved in WW1 (Page 49)

·         Key financing for the creation or America’s Council on Foreign Relations came from the Rockefeller (Marrano Jews) https://www.file-pdf.it/2017/07/23/satanicilluminatibloodlines/satanicilluminati

·         bloodlines.pdf (Page 88) and Carnegie Foundations. Look at the current US Congress membership and you will be surprised and perhaps concerned to note how many – and WHO – are CFR members! CFR members have dominated past administrations. http://www.rummagingglobalism.com/2017/01/19/cfr-members-in-past-presidential-administrations/  Republican or Democrat hasn’t made much actual difference, as past administrations were all filled with CFR members. There was often mostly an illusion of choice for the voters between the two parties. About half its Board of Directors are either Jewish or non-Jewish Zionists, which is clearly disproportionate and potentially dangerous in terms of influence United States foreign policy being made in the interests of Israel not America. https://dailystormer.su/jewish-and-zionist-influence-at-the-council-on-foreign-relations/

·         1921 - “Council on Foreign Relations.” (America’s Illuminati)
Serious truth-seekers wanting to know the influence the CFR has and continues to have on American foreign policy need read the following link. But, more importantly, they need to note that: “the organization's main goal is to destroy the freedom and independence of the United States” must view this link. ttps://people.virginia.edu/~sfr/enam481/groupa/illumus.html 

·         Since it was founded, the CFR has been pushing for a globalist and One-World Governmentto promote the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence, and submergence into an all-powerful one-world government.https://conservapedia.com/Council_on_Foreign_Relations 

·         1943 - New World Order was founded. At the first Conference between England, the United States and the Soviet Union by leading Jesuits in Tehran. (Page 20) https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/59c1dba5802d9b0001338665/5cb7947
  (Page 21 mentions a “totalitarian one-world government”.) (Rothschilds are discussed on Page 44.)

·         Jews vs non-Jew. Despite numbering less than 2% of the US population, in 2016, the Board of Directors of the CFR was composed of thirty-six officers, 18 of 36 members of whom were Jewish and/or Zionists - for a total of 18 out of 36 (or 50%)! Three officers were also Jews. Former Board of Directors who are now Emeritus or Honorary (who may or may not have influence) number six people in total. Add to this the President Emeritus, a known strong partisan of Israel, and one can conclude only that the number of either Jewish or non-Jewish Zionist is clearly disproportionate and potentially dangerous in terms of the influence they could have on United States foreign policy because of their concerns for Israel. https://dailystormer.su/jewish-and-zionist-influence-at-the-council-on-foreign-relations/

The Bilderberg Group

Founded in 1954, the Bilderberg Meeting is an annual event designed “to foster dialogue between Europe and North America.” The Bilderberg meetings have become “a key coordinating event for the ruling global oligarchy, the shadow world government, the Deep State. “Since its founding, the Bilderberg gatherings have preceded many political and economic shakeups of historical magnitude involving Bilderberg participants. In fact, the founders of Bilderberg were hard at work promoting the organization’s globalist objectives even before its formal creation. “The following is a short list of the “coincidental” accomplishments on the Bilderberg scorecard:

·         1946 — Eight years before the founding of Bilderberg, one of its principal co-founders, Jósef Retinger, gives a speech at the Royal Institute of International Affairs calling for the political and economic unification of Europe.

·         1948 — Bilderberg co-founder Retinger is the leading promoter and serves as the general secretary of the “Congress of Europe” at The Hague, Netherlands.

·         1957 — Retinger and other European and American Bilderbergers are the key figures behind the Treaty of Rome that launches what becomes the European Union.

·         1973 — British Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Edward Heath, a Bilderberger, leads Britain into the EU, claiming that fears of losing independence and sovereignty “are completely unjustified.”

·         1991 — Little known Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton attends Bilderberg; he is elevated to the White House the following year.

·         1993 — Former Goldman Sachs chairman Peter Sutherland (also Bilderberg Steering Committee and honorary European chairman of the Trilateral Commission) is made head of the immensely powerful, newly created World Trade Organization.

·         1993 — Tony Blair, a minor opposition member of the Labour Party, attends Bilderberg before being boosted to become Britain’s prime minister.

·         1997 — First Lady Hillary Clinton attends Bilderberg, setting up her anointing for a future White House run.

·         1999 — Member nations of the EU are shackled with the euro currency, a major blow to their national sovereignty. Belgian industrialist and Bilderberg chair Étienne Davignon (also an EU commissioner) admits in a 2009 interview that Bilderberg members played a key role in pushing adoption of the euro.

·         2005 — Angela Merkel’s attendance at Bilderberg is followed by promotion to chancellor of Germany and by media promotion to de facto “leader of Europe” and “most powerful woman in the world.”

·         2008 — Newly-minted Senator Barack Obama reportedly attends the Chantilly, Virginia, Bilderberg meeting before his meteoric rise. He has been evasive about his attendance, neither confirming nor denying the reports.

·         2008 — In October, a month before the presidential election, Bilderberg veteran Michael Froman, then an exec at Citibank, sends an e-mail to the co-chair of candidate Barack Obama’s campaign, John Podesta, naming virtually every person who would, in fact, later fill Obama’s Cabinet.

·         2009 — virtually unknown Belgian politician Herman Van Rompuy attends Bilderberg and is then catapulted to president of the European Commission.

·         2011 — Goldman Sachs banker Mark Carney attends Bilderberg and is subsequently promoted to governor of the Bank of England.

·         2011 — Bilderberg pulls off a double coup in Italy, ousting Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and putting two Bilderberg/Goldman Sachs alums into power: Mario Monti as the new Italian prime minister and Mario Draghi as head of the European Central Bank. It causes a huge row in Italy and throughout Europe, known as “the bankers coup d’etat” or “the Bilderberg Mario Brothers coup.”

·         2014 — Political “outsider” Emmanuel Macron, a former Rothschild banker, attends Bilderberg, starting a quick political ascent that takes him to the presidency of France in 2017.

·         2015 — A tsunami of Muslim migrants swamps Europe thanks to policies of Bilderberg member Angela Merkel and Bilderberg bigwig Peter Sutherland, who served as special representative of the UN secretary-general for international migration for more than a decade, starting in 2006.

·         2016 — Bilderberg members take central roles in “Project Fear I” and “Project Fear II” to stop Brexit, the British campaign to exit the European Union.

·         In 2010, former NATO secretary-general, former Belgian foreign minister, and Bilderberg member

Willy Claes revealed, during an interview on Belgian radio, that, the usual denials
notwithstanding, Bilderberg meetings do aim at setting international policy. At the end of each annual gathering, he said, a report is printed of the presentations and a copy of the report is given to each attendee. “The participants are then obviously considered to use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect,” he said.

·         This admission by Claes and similar statements by other Bilderberg insiders merely confirm

what should be obvious to all who are willing to examine the evidence. It is the media miscreants who continue to cover for Bilderberg with the shop-worn “conspiracy theory” sneer/smear who deserve the eye rolls and contempt. They are either press-titutes driven by avarice or poltroons guided by cowardice. In either case, they have sold out for advancement and acceptance, eagerly taking doggie treats and pettings from the burglars, rather than being the faithful watchdogs they pretend to be.” https://conspiracyanalyst.org/2019/07/28/bilderberg-and-the-global-deep-state/


Trilateral Commission.

It was in 1972, during a Bilderberg Meeting, that David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski decided to create the Trilateral Commission, which occurred in 1973. The TC’s self-proclaimed New International Economic Order envisioned Technocracy. Since then over half of the world has been transformed, including Europe, and the United States is currently in the crucible. https://www.technocracy.news/secretive-bilderberg-elite-meeting-to-discuss-technocratic-future/?print=pdf

·         Nov. 12, 2012 - Dr. Henry Kissinger, architect of the New World Order, is believed by millions to be one of the single most evil individuals still living, or to have ever lived. He is quoted saying: “The elderly are useless eaters.” Also that “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” (Quoted in the book The Final Days.)

·         Feb 2. 2013 - Ann Marie Bressington, an Independent MP from South Australia, publicly exposes Agenda 21 (which calls for governments to take control of all land use and offshore resources and not leave any of the decision making in the hands of private citizens or property owners.), Club of Rome, Sustainable Development at the Adelaide Convention Centre. etc. https://cairnsnews.org/videos-to-view/

·         Apr. 15, 2014 - The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight. Mike Lofgren, a congressional staff member for 28 years gives his views on what is wrong with the US government, and the existence of a government within a government. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYS647HTgks    
July 1, 2020 – Covid-19 Accelerates the Great War on Cash. -

·         Jul, 2016 - Notable North American Trilateral Commission members included: Canada’s own Jean Charest – former Premier of QuebecRaymond Chrétien - Chairman of the Board of the Montreal and also a Council on Foreign Relations Committee member; Andre Desmarais - Pres and Co-CEO of Power Corp.; Gary Doer - former Ambassador to the US.  Richard N, Haas, also is currently the President of the CFR’; Henry Kissinger – Lifetime trustee TC; Winston Lord – former Pres CFR; Seamus O’Reagan – MP St. John’s South Mount Pearl, Ottawa; David M. Rubenstein – Co-founder and Managing Director of the Carlyle Group, and Chairman of the CFR; Carole Taylor – had been Chairperson of CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) from 2001-2005. http://trilateral.org/download/files/membership/TC_list_7_16(2).pdf

·         Apr. 16, 2018 – Henry Kissinger is quoted as saying: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/archive/thought-for-the-day/control-oil-and-you-control-nations-control-food-and-you-control-people--henry-kissinger-574311

·         Dec. 2, 2019 - The Hidden (Zionist) powers behind the destruction of America. “The false flag terrorist attacks carried out on September 11, 2001 were ordered by the International Banking Cartel, overseen by the Khazarian Mafia headquartered in Tel Aviv, and coordinated with Neocon Zionists in Washington, D.C.”  https://911nwo.com/?p=8346   also https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/secretsoc_20century/secretsoc_20century04.htm#CHAPTER%2016 (Chapters 4 – The Rothschild Family; 12 - Freemasons; 14 – Plan for a World Government; 16The Black Nobility; 17The English Royal Family and the Opium Trade in the 18th Century; 29The Rockefeller Ministry of Foreign Relations (CFR); 56George Soros and the Rothschild Connection.)

·         Apr. 12 2020 – The Club of Rome and Club of Budapest, etc. “Humanity will soon rise up, rediscover its autonomy and hunt down all you genocidists: Ervin Laszlo, Bill Gates, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (member, depopulationist Club of Madrid), the FCC’s Tom Wheeler, WHO’s Michael Ryan (“We’ll be coming for you in your homes”), and ICNIRP’s lying Eric van Rongen and Maria Feychting, among others.” https://emfmadness.wordpress.com/2020/04/12/gift-of-a-global-plague-you-are-an-evil-woman/


Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump
and Ashkenazi Jews

“The Jewish elite don’t fear Donald Trump, they love him, they support him, they own him.https://www.bitchute.com/video/fFKDWKR7IyuV/  US President Donald J. Trump’s team/supporters included at least 80 or more Ashkenazi Jews (some of the spelling might be incorrect): “Michael Aboud, Paul Eschveitner;  Merriam Adelson, Sheldon Adelson, Paul Atkins, Brian Belard, Harriot Voide, Saffa Katt, Michael Cohen, Gary Cohn, Delose Koskov, Gale Deser, Michael Deser, Louis Eisenberg, Boris Epstein, Stephen Fineberg, Lois Zinc, Alan Fishman, David Freedman, Samuel Ashkenazi Fox, Alan Garkin, Bruce Geld, Michael Glatner, Lois Glick, Jason Greenblack, Vincent Harris, Thomas Hicks Sr., Carl Icahn, Gayle Icahn, Robert Eger, Travis Kleenik, Peter Calico, Danial Kowalski, Charles Kushner, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Bennet Mabot, Richard Lesser, Ronald Lieberman, Howard Lowber, David Malpa, Douglas Manchester, Bernard Marcus, Rebecca Mercer, Robert Mercer, Amanda Miller, Eli Miller, Jaonn Miller, Steven Miller, Steven Mnuchin, Elon Musk, Samuel Nuenberg, David Orwitz, Jeffery  Palmer, John Paulson, Laura Palmader, Andrew Pugner, Stuart Rower, Richard Roberts, George Ross, Wilber Ross Jr. (Rothschild Mgr for 25 years), Stephen Ross, Keith Schiller, Steven Schwartzman, Melvin Sembler, Jacob Shuhan, Mark Short, Peter Field, Laura Trump, Vanessa Trump, Kevin Warf, Mark Weinberger, Ronald Weiser, Andrew White, Alan Weiselberg, Lois Weisner, Steven Witkoff, Steven Wynn, Richard Neprek, Danial Yergen” as well as CNN, which is Jewish-owned and run.  https://www.bitchute.com/video/fFKDWKR7IyuV/


Who Controls Our World? 

·         Historically, Who Controls Governments and the Global Economy?  The Rothschilds (Zionists), the

Rockefellers (Jews), Big Banks, Bill Gates, Technology and Other Billionaires (mostly Jewish), the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati/CFR committee members, the Trilateral Commission, the World Economic Forum, etc.  http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/who-controls-the-global-economy-do-not-underestimate-the-power-of-the-big-banks



·         Who Controls The World’s Banks?

The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Committee of 300 and other multi-billionaires. It allows them to control virtually every aspect of life on earth, including lending money to countries, financing both sides of all major wars, changing medical school curricula, replacing legitimate industries with those that are harmful, etc. creating a network of banking systems and international banks, owning or controlling the world’s news media, social media, etc. So great is their wealth that they can literally buy anyone or anything they want. Money is at the heart of today’s problems. https://ideapod.com/rothschild-family-control-worlds-money-supply-heres-truth/   The above specifically states that “the Rothschild family together with the Rockefeller and Morgan families rule the world.” It goes on to say: “Only Cuba, North Korea and Iran have no Rothschild-owed central bank.” Also, that: “The US Federal Reserve is a privately owned company (controlled by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers – both of whom are members of the Committee of 300 - and the Morgans, which prints money for the US Government.


·         World Economic Forum (WEF)

1971-2020 - A Partner in Shaping History.  The global elite really is quite global. Delegates at the 2020 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, include representatives from 117 countries and 121 nationalities, http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_A_Partner_in_Shaping_History.pdf The bankers, financiers and investors at Davos.

(Is Canada not endangering Canadian democracy by having the Government of Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, on the Board of Trustees? She is the only government minister presently on the board. Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, the Honourable Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance; and the Honourable Jim Carr, Minister of International Trade Diversification also attended.) https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rupa-subramanya-chrystia-freelands-side-gig-with-the-wef-is-endangering-canadian-democracy  As did Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, in 2016. https://pm.gc.ca/en/news/news-releases/2016/01/11/prime-minister-travel-davos-attend-world-economic-forum

·         Who Controls Technology and Social Media?

The following technology companies all support wireless technology, including “5G,” AI, the Covid-19 Pandemic, One-World-Government … and vaccinations. Leaders of at least five companies are members of the Committee of 300! And at least 9 of them are Jewish!

Ø  Jeff Bezos – Religion is not important to him. Eff Jan. 2021, Forbes estimates his net worth to be US$ 184.6 billion, making him the world’s wealthiest person. He is the CEO of Amazon, Blue Origin (space exploration), Project Kuiper (broadband Internet from satellites in space), Washington Post, a member of the Bilderberg Group. Invests in Google & Hollywood (makes movies)! Owns Amazon’s Web Cloud! Amazon is also a leading surveillance (AI) company. Sells facial recognition software to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Bezos actively promotes vaccines, but has stated that he will not have one himself. Is keenly interested in establishing life on other planets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVVfJVj5z8s&feature=emb_rel_pause https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/1/18246461/amazon-anti-vaccination-vaxx-books-films-vaccines-media-schiff-letter

Ø  Elon Musk – Eff Jan 12, 2021 – Ashkenazi Jew. https://www.bitchute.com/video/fFKDWKR7IyuV/.
Is the 2nd wealthiest person on Earth, with a 2021 net worth of about US$ 176.2 billion. His goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Non-religious, his ultimate goal is to colonize Mars. He is CEO of both Tesla electric vehicles and SpaceX https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/318959-elon-musk-richest-man-mars-colony

Ø  Bill Gates – With 2021 net worth of US$ 120.2 billion, he is arguably the 3rd richest person on Earth - and wants to rule it! He Is thought to be agnostic. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest financial backer of the WHO and played a major part in selecting its current Director General, the first non-medical doctor in the WHO’s history and alleged to be corrupt himself. The B&MGF are a Committee of 300 member and want to vaccinate and microchip everyone (except his own children). The President of the B&MGF is on the Board of Directors for the Council of Foreign Relations. He is reputed to be the largest farm land owner in the USA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Members_of_the_Council_on_Foreign_Relations

Ø  Warren Buffett – arguably not agnostic, is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and a Committee of 300 member. He’s involved with Gates in GAVI (the Vaccine Alliance) and vaccinations. Forbes estimates his 2021 net worth is US$ 88.1 billion, making Buffett the 4th wealthiest person on earth. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/24/warren-buffett-says-he-talked-to-his-science-advisor-bill-gates-about-the-coronavirus.html

Ø  Mark Zuckerberg – Is a committed Zionist and the wealthiest Jew on Earth. In 2021, Forbes ranked his net worth as US$ 92.1 billion. Facebook’s CEO, he actively promotes vaccinations. (See above ref.). Is known to ruthlessly censor things/articles on Facebook that conflict with his views.

Ø  Larry Ellison – Jewish. Is the CEO of Oracle. His net worth as of Jan. 2021 is said to be US$ 86.9 billion. Commits $100M to vaccine research.  https://philanthropynewsdigest.org/news/ellison-foundation-commits-100-million-to-global-polio-eradication-initiative 

Ø  Michael Bloomberg – is Jewish and CEO of Bloomberg LP; Committee of 300 member, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Has invested in Covid-19 vaccines and contract tracing. Had been a Democratic presidential candidate in 2020. Net worth, eff Jan. 17, 2021, said to be US$ 54.9 billion.

Ø  Sundar Pichai – is Indian-American Hindu and CEO of both Google and its parent: Alphabet. Actively promotes vaccinations (see above ref.). 2021 bet worth said to be “US$ 1310 million.”

Ø  Sergey Brin & Lawrence (Larry) Pageboth are Jewish and co-founded Google. Page promotes vaccines, and his 2021 net worth is said to be US$ 76.4 billion. Sergey Brin’s 2021 net income said to be about US$ 75 billionhttps://9to5google.com/2019/12/11/larry-page-philanthropy-influenza/                           

Ø  George Soros – Is Jewish. 2021 net income said to be US$ 7.6 billion. Is investor, hedge fund manager. Committee of 300 member; Council on Foreign Relations Committee member. Attended many Bilderberg meetings.

Ø  Michael Dell – Is Jewish and CEO of Dell Computers. Donates $100M to vaccine research. Forbes estimates his net worth at US$ 40.8 billion. https://www.crn.com/news/data-center/michael-dell-s-foundation-donates-

Ø  Steven Ballmer – Is Jewish, CEO of Microsoft & a friend of Bill Gates. Has pledged $25M for vaccine research. A Committee of 300 member! Forbes estimates his 2021 net worth at US$ 74.3 billion.



300-314385 (as of Sept. 2016)

Ø  Jack Patrick Dorsey is an American technology entrepreneur and philanthropist who is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, and the founder and CEO of Square, a financial payments company. He too is said to censor what people can say. Forbes estimates his 2021 net income at US$ 12.2 billion.

·         Who Controls The News Media?  

This link speaks for itself:   https://zogwatch.blogspot.com/p/who-controls-media-conglomeration.html: I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.” Joel Stein.  America’s CNN and Canada’s national broadcasting company, the CBC, like most commercial Canadian radio/TV stations leave no doubt as to what they want the public to believe, as do all Canadian Provincial Health Officers and senior health and government officials. On April 3, 2020, the Wall Street Journal (which is owned/controlled by Rupert Murdoch, a member of the Committee of 300 and a committed Zionist) published a letter written by Henry A. Kissinger (an avowed Zionist and a member of the Committee of 300, and said to be behind the kidnapping and murder of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo). https://larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1982/eirv09n31-19820817/eirv09n31-19820817_034-new_
pdf   Kissinger’s letter was entitled: “The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order.” In essence, it endorses what other misguided and/or corrupt governments and health agencies are saying/doing.


In conclusion, scientists, medical experts and other informed people around the world consider Bill Gates to be an evil, maniacal, control freak who is obsessed with the need for him “to rule the world - which he plans to do by using genetically-modified ‘vaccines’ (imbedded with nano-chips, using ‘AI’ and ‘5G’ technology) and by controlling the food people have to eat. Others wanting a One World Government controlled by them - are those on the extremely powerful Council on Foreign Relations Committee, their colleagues on the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderber Group, etc. It needs to be re-emphasized here that Jews number less than 2% of the entire U.S. population of the USA, yet they are so active in politics and seem to be so focused and have such clout!  The Covid-19 Pandemic was purely fabricated by members of the corrupt ‘establishment’ simply as a means to distract the public’s attention (who continue to bombarded, day and night, with Covid-19 data - oftentimes inaccurate, incorrect, false or misleading - by an extremely zealous media) from what is really going on! The corrupt ‘establishment’ is currently attempting to impose a One World Government on us all! One in which there will be no “middle class” (whose jobs will also disappear); where no one owns anything and has nothing. Were it to be successful, this One World Government would abolish all monarchies and all ordered government; all private property and inheritances; patriotism and nationalism; family life and the institution of marriage. It would  establish communal education for children and impose a universal digital currency for all people. Shockingly, it would also mean reducing the world’s current population (estimated to be approximately 7.8 billion) to just one billion - or less!
‘Vaccinating’ every person now living (except themselves) will not only make Bill Gates, pharmaceutical companies and others much richer, but is thought to be the best and fastest way to get rid of so many unwanted people! Thanks to today’s vaccines, nano-chip inserts, 5G, AI, smart phones, etc., technology will enable those ‘allowed to live to be easily remotely controlled.  
Finally, the unbelievable wealth, influence and power of today’s social media multibillionaires enable them to deny their services to the most powerful person on Earth (whether you like him or not is irrelevant) - the President of the USA – unthinkable!  And finally, now the U.S. has President Joe Biden who has proudly stated that he is a Zionist, and his VP, Kamala Harris (who is said to be friendly towards Israel and Jews), plus Biden’s cabinet, which has more than a disproportionate number of Zioniists - Wake-up world! While/if there is still time!


J.G. Flynn, Captain (Retired)
Comox, B.C., Canada        


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