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Cry Havoc…
Spring 2014

Potential Acts of Treason related to secretive trade deals and offshore investment

By Derek Skinner and Sharon Lawrence

There is a stench of treason wafting down from Parliament Hill and it is centred on the Prime Minister's office.

The Opposition benches are not actively exposing the stench and are thus complicit.

The stench is based on three acts of potential treason,

1. The acknowledged plan (G20; 2010) by the ideologically driven Prime Minister to sell Canadian control of Canadian legislation as an inducement for uncontrolled offshore investment and trade.

2 The elimination of Canadian jurisdiction in trade or investment disputes which will be adjudicated by corporate owned tribunals resulting in corporate control of the economy and monetary policy.

3. The insistence on negotiation through corporate advisors and in secrecy from the Canadian political representatives and the Canadian public.

Why are these Trade Deals negotiated in secret? The reason lies in the first two acts of potential treason listed. If the Canadian public knew the details and understood the consequences they would storm the Houses of Parliament in fury.

For over 200 years Canada has navigated the living waters as an independent country, able to make her own decisions and fight to keep us safe.

But now, the corporate and financial cabal that owns the Prime Minister is signing us over to Trade Deals which STOP us from asserting our right to regulate harms, our right to decline damaging industries, our natural rights to work and be healthy. We will lose our power through legal challenges, too – we are losing billions of dollars in lawsuits already. We are forced to say "yes" to all damage resulting from corporate profiteering…. or be sued for (their) loss of profit!

Is that a legacy you want for future generations?

Deregulation has caused great harm – just check out Health Canada and the way it passes the buck – by letting corporations dictate the safety of drugs and food. You must become ill or die before Health Canada or the Food Directorate will check out potential hazards. It never used to be like that!

Privatization is the process by which Canada loses control of its own resources, infrastructure, education, and ability to provide what we believe in. It becomes a corporate voice. It must be watched closely and never be given powers over our Canadian Constitution.

Resource Extraction is Harper's main thrust in turning Canada into an economic "success story" for foreign and local giant corporations – those 1% CEO elites.

OUR resources which we need for the future. OUR land, OUR water!  It is not for sale – it is not to be wasted in this time of Rapid Climate Change.

Do the right thing – Stand up for your country –
It's our Last Stand!

Join us to assemble a mighty popular force and "let loose the dogs of war…"* that will reverse this tide of treasonous misrepresentation of Canadian values.

* “Cry Havoc and let loose the dogs of war!” is a phrase from William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar. It is found in Act 3, Scene 1 of the play.   The military order "Havoc!" was a signal given to the English military forces in the Middle Ages to direct the soldiery (in Shakespeare's parlance 'the dogs of war') to pillage and chaos.


Democratic Umbrella Coalition
Derek Skinner

Our purpose is to correct the Democratic Deficit that exists in Canada today.(2014)

The present majority government has an agenda that is aggressively supportive of corporations and financial institutions. These institutions are organizing a world to be run by mega transnational corporations with rules that override National Laws and Statutes.

The current condition of our economy and political structures, that support out-of-control capitalism that maximizes profits to shareholders at the expense of degradation of the environment and labour, has to be replaced with a fair division of gains and responsibilities.

We, the people will no longer tolerate a system that uses government resources as a cash cow to be milked to pay the interest on the National Debt owed to financial institutions while corporations maximize profits and avoid the cost of clean-up and repair to be paid  by taxes and government resources that are short of money.

In order to fight this state of affairs which hurts everyone except the very rich we are forming the "Democratic Umbrella Coalition" (DUC) that will represent every person, group, society and political party that can agree with our primary goal as outlined above which is "to restore government by and for the people".

We will organize a core group in every federal riding around which any and every progressive faction can work together to form voting blocks that will change election results.

In due course we will outline the Plan. It will involve modification of the investment protection clauses of the proposed Trade Deals, Electoral Reform and Monetary Reform.

There is no need to modify personal or group beliefs.


If you can see that your own needs can be supported by joining a coalition that intends to ensure that elected MP's will work to implement voters requirements, rather than having elected representatives tell voters what the government, without voter support. has decided is its mandate then the DUC is for you.

Let us know that you support our primary goal and how many voters you represent.

From Derek Skinner, Victoria

Comments & suggestions invited!

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