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Contributions from Cecile Petra
concerned citizen, Salt Spring Island, BC, cecile.petra(at)protonmail.com

COVID-19 VACCINES - P.43 in the Winter 2020-21 Issue of Dialogue, Dec., 2020
Research and links compiled by Cecile Petra, concerned citizen, Salt Spring Island, BC,regarding anticipated adverse reactions to the new covid-19 vaccines.

IN DIALOGUE, VOL. 34, NO.2, P.42

Compiled by Cecile Petra, concerned citizen,

Salt Spring Island, BC, cecile.petra@protonmail.com ] [EXTRACT] The United Kingdom recently began rolling out the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine after less than a year of study. Several other countries will be doing the same; on Dec. 9th Canada also approved the Pfizer vaccine. Other vaccine manufacturers such as Moderna and Astra Zeneca are waiting in the wings for approval as well. Doctors, scientists, and lawyers are speaking out about these rushed vaccines
for many reasons:
•  In the 70 years that coronaviruses have been around, there has been no coronavirus vaccine successfully brought to market
•  There has never been a licensed mRNA vaccine  […]
•  There are serious concerns with some of the known

ingredients The UK government is expecting so many adverse responses that they tendered this urgent notice for AI software development support to track the “expected high volume of adverse reactions”: [https://tinyurl.com/tedeu291]
: at TheGuardian.com: https://tinyurl.com/tg-allergic §


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The above quotes are from ICH on Dec. 18-19, 2015: InformationClearingHouse

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