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Breast Feeding in Modern Times
by Colin Knauf
(in the 2014 Summer Edition of Dialogue)

Breast Feeding sounds all warm & fuzzy, but has it any real value in modern times?

by Colin Knauf, Nanaimo BC

Infant formula has come a long way from its debut in 1866 when pharmacist Henri Nestlé saw an opportunity and seized it. Linen mills of the nascent industrial revolution were looking to pare labour cost. Work at home mothers were ripe for the job. Disenfranchised with their position in society as mere chattels, many took the leap from home to outside work. Many babies lost their mothers to the Industrial Revolution for poor wages and the illusion of gender equality. Nestlé started making and supplying his new ‘formula’ of SUGAR, FLOUR AND MILK for these sadly abandoned babies.

Slick marketing and unethical business practices (2) have very effectively placed infant formula as an ALTERNATIVE to mother's milk. The Pharmaceutical cohort has parlayed SUGAR and a handful of ingredients into a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY, capitalizing on our fast-paced life, while using our babies as lab rats. Formula profits have burgeoned globally, while health has declined and the cost of health care has skyrocketed.

Naturally we all enjoy choice, however so much goes unsaid. Offering women formula as a choice is illusionary. It is not a substitute for mothers’ milk. It is a Trojan Horse – NOW full of GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS [GMO]. Formula robs infants of the holistic, essential experience and physicality of breast feeding. While short changing babies of immediate and long term health benefits of mother’s miracle milk which we now have found, contains STEM CELLS! Cells which help repair cellular damage during development. This is HUGE!

0The costs from formula use are much greater than just overpriced formula. The ‘externals’ are many and rarely mentioned. They include, but are not limited to, remediation and restoration of – malformed jaws, dental occlusion, hearing impairment, learning issues, severe colic and gastrointestinal pain, etc.

To put it very bluntly – Making the right choice is a NO BRAINER, if we seek to learn the truth!

Scientific evidence tells us mothers' milk is the perfect elixir of life, dynamically reformulating optimal ingredients on demand. It meets changing nutritional demands of a fast developing brain and body while adjusting for vagaries of climate – more fat for warmth, more hydration for warm weather.

Babies are hardwired to thrive with THEIR mother’s bioflora. Baby’s gut is propagated with mother’s bioflora and GOOD bacteria during a natural birth. An aseptic C-section robs babies of this ‘inoculation’ to bolster their immature immune system and set up their intestines for healthy digestion. Infants often suffer severe pain and unrelenting crying (1) when they are unable to digest ‘formula’. Anything other than nature’s recipe for success necessitates remediation.

Any way you look at formula, it is indefensible. Unrecognized harm keeps turning up and new markets open up – for symptom suppression. It is lucrative. Very! Is it good for the economy? YES! But it depends on which side of the fence you stand! Is it good for people? NO!

As our health declines nationally – pharmaceutical profits skyrocket. Patented medicine is the No. 2 profit centre of the globe! Second only to the WAR MACHINE – the No. 1 profit centre which insures military hegemony, while the Pharma-Surgical Industrial complex tags along.

Did Henri Nestlé have any idea of the profound harm he introduced? Likely not, and even if he had, would he continue? Probably – ethics and prudence don’t often play a huge role in BIG business.(2)

If instead, Nestlé had used his influence advocating equal status of women, the world would likely be a lot different today. Women of his era would have been afforded the egalitarian respect they deserved and honoured for their pivotal place in raising healthy and happy children. They would have had the VOTE – to influence fresh thinking within the ‘old boys network’ and we may not have seen the horrors of World War I. And the ‘war machine’ would surely not hold TOP STATUS as THE global profit centre. Sadly it would be four long hard decades to see any change in the move towards women’s rightful status.

Even 148 years ago, patented medicine had a toe hold on us. GRIPE WATER, a patented pharmaceutical concoction spiked with alcohol was already on the market. Used by nannies – likely to quell babies’ pain of flatulence. Often resulting from air ingested during inconsolable and intense crying from baby’s separation anxiety. This ‘spiked’ concoction gives new meaning to: “mothers’ little helper”. A ‘nip’ for baby and ONE for Mom – from another bottle.

There are premium profits to be made purveying solutions to suppress symptoms of the many disorders which follow, when we chose to foil Nature’s highly evolved and perfected plan.

If we look at current scientific findings,(3) we will learn the truth – infant formula compromises health. This is not NEWS. Then why don’t we know it? When Scientific studies ascribe disrepute to ‘big money’s’ products; they are often suppressed. They are unheralded by the effectively silenced, servile and managed media. If negative studies manage to surface and reach the public’s consciousness they are quickly countered by well-paid experts in the field - commonly called ‘liars for hire’ - who publish ‘managed’ studies and swamp the media with lavish invitational press conferences and press releases proffering findings contrary to truth. And if that doesn’t work, then University research funding is threatened, drawn out costly legal actions taken and reputations libelled and ruined. Whistle blowers are not as well protected as we like to believe.

Effective formula marketing and careful contrivance has normalized formula to the point that the BABY BOTTLE has become the ICON of contemporary babyhood! Mothers are too busy working outside and inside the home, while dealing with family health issues – to find time to seek the truth:

Mother’s milkthe elixir of lifeis the currency of health. It isn't a choiceit is our primal life force.

Nature’s innate handbook imbedded in our DNA, leads us instinctively through our dynamic childbirth process and on to our crucial first hour – Nature’s ‘window of opportunity’ - the opportunity to bond with our babies and suckle them on the milk of human kindness – the magic elixir of life. When we trust our innate pre-programmed script and ourselves, amazing things happen.

Newborn humans like all mammals are instinctively empowered and ‘hardwired’ to make the incredible journey from birth canal, with umbilical cord in-tow, to mother's warmth and nourishment – on their own! They will 'latch on' naturally – no lactation consultant required. Mother need never suffer discomfort from a poor ‘latch’. [Search Suggestion – “BREAST CRAWL” and VIDEO].

It is not just a‘warm and fuzzy’ idea of previous generations. It is a vital and wonderful start to a symbiotic experience, imbuing both with oxytocin and all necessary biochemistry to thrive and sustain a loving relationship. Baby’s suckling triggers mother’s pituitary gland to supply another large boost of oxytocin – essential in safely ‘birthing’ the placenta. It starts contractions again, to push the placenta from the womb. It is vital in effectively staunching blood flow between the lining of the womb and placenta, to slough it from the womb WITHOUT HAEMORRHAGE.

Another of Nature’s many safeguards to insure baby has a healthy mother guiding it along the path to a simpler and safer life, naturally.

Mothers' milk provides antibodies, hydration, calming and 'feel good' hormones and complex and complete nutrition, dynamically tailored hourly, to satisfy every stage of development with timely nutrients, whether for brains or bones. Breast feeding is pivotal in speeding mothers' recovery, weight loss and a host of health protections. Risk of common cancers and postpartum depression is significantly reduced. Babies suffer less gastrointestinal health issues and are at reduced risk ofleukaemia, childhood obesity, type 1 & type 2 diabetes, allergies, dental malformation, auditory & vision deficits, eczema, respiratory issues, heart disease, and much more. Suckled children exhibit higher IQ and self esteem. They generally eclipse North American milestones of development. The physicality of early loving touch, vital to psychological and physiological health, is cherished, fostering healthy brains, social adjustment while diminishing promiscuity, aggression and violence.(4)

“Suckling not only delivers perfect meals served at the right temperature and in comfortit develops and aligns components of the mouth and jaw naturally! Essential in decreasing risk of: SIDS, acute inner ear ache (AOM 5), corrective surgery, dental caries, orthodontia, optical correction, etc. Statistics and science tell us: loving, social and productive humans capable of enjoying long term relationships and happy marital life result from healthy attachment through breast feeding and ‘hands on nurturing’.”(3)

The net result is HEALTH - meaning less suffering, health care costs, remedial & restorative services and countless other personal and public expense. Taxes go down and incomes rise, allowing one parent a hiatus from employment to raise healthy and happy children who respect themselves, others and the planet. Science tells us natural holistic birth, mother’s milk, tender touch and close physical contact for the primal year are hallmarks of health, harmony and peace.

The REAL ‘take away’ – we have learned recently – is that Breast milk contains STEM CELLS which can become any human cell, to repair cellular damage as baby develops!

The first and most important tenet of the Hippocratic Oath has been trampled in the race for profit: FIRST DO NO HARM? Lobbied Politicians and their medical cadre of policy makers entrusted with the national health are easily outwitted by highly effective and devious ‘Doctors of Spin’. It is time we recaptured our nature and put ‘medical polices and procedures which promote profit before prudence’ – in the trash bin with ‘blood letting’ and lobotomies. We need to trust our instincts and our nature to put humanity and peace ahead of multinational corporate cupidity. 


1. CRYING: Tragically, unconsolable babies and relentless crying combined with desperate, inexperienced caregivers with limited network, support or information can result in caregivers pushed to their limit and unable to cope, sometimes provoking ‘shaken baby syndrome’ and infanticide. Statistically, this is not likely with breast feeding and the bond that results.

2. ETHICS: www.reuters.com/search?blob=formula+price+fixing+china 
Infant formula marketing practices behind breastfeeding decline: IBFAN - by Mark Astley, DairyReporter.com on 19-May-14: Breastfeeding rates have declined significantly in Asia as a result of intensifying competition in the infant formula sector, according to a report from the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) LINK: http://tinyurl.com/DRibfanhttp:// www.babymilkaction.org/archives/384

3. BREAST FEEDING BENEFITS: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2812877/www.nrdc.org/breastmilk/benefits.asp/  www.cornucopia.org/replacing-mother-infant-formula-report/ www.mommyagogo.ca/articles/archives/for-2008/march/dr-jack-newman-on-dha-ara-in-formula/
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4. VIOLENCE: http://tinyurl.com/4-course-pdf
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and: www.cornucopia.org/replacing-mother-infant-formula-report/

5. AOM (acute otitis media) is one of the biggest of many avoidable pains to children and drains on Health Care. It is responsible for 8% of medical visits of children under the age of 14, resulting
in surgery on 1 in 4 children. Antibiotic impotence is a direct result of overuse in treating AOM, leaving us vulnerable to the threat of super bugs. A hospital is a prime place to encounter superbugs [like MRSA —Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus] which have mutated to resist antibiotics; putting patients at risk of nosocomial infections with dire consequences. The sequelae of harm from high interventionist birth requires remedial attention and hospital visits and stays. A double whammy. First we make you sick from lack of due diligence at birth, then put you at greater risk by hospitalizing, to correct the harm. Health has become a slippery slope. “A post-antibiotic era – in which common infections and minor injuries can kill – far from being an apocalyptic fantasy, is instead a very real possibility for the 21st Century.”
                     – World Health Organization [WHO] Copyright © 2004-2014 C. Knauf, SynCOGENT DESIGN & DIRECTION This article [abridged] first appeared in the inaugural issue of Wee Welcome Magazine, Sept 2004 - the magazine which encourages hospitality to babies, parents and families who choose healthy living.§

"If I could speak, here's what I would say ..."
The Science and Symbiosis of Natural Nurture, abridged in verse

By Colin Knauf

  If I could speak, here's what I'd say
Happy in your arms, I want to stay.

I am your gift, and you are mine too!
Love bonds together, both me and you.

Don't let a schedule furrow your brow.
We need to enjoy this time, right now.
Right now is the best time for me to hold.
Wait 'til you're less busy, and I'll be too old.  

Cuddle me tenderly, close to your chest. 
It is here next to you, that I am at my best.

Your rhythmic breathing and beating heart,
contentment and comfort, to me impart.  

To see you, smell you, assured by your voice,
all wonderfully simple, yet help me rejoice.
A cuddle, a kiss, some play and frolic,    
Can banish a mood, and prevent nasty colic.  

When we're 'in touch', it reduces our stress,
we are happiest then, and worry much less.
Safe in your arms, dispels all my fears.
My beaming smiles replace anxious tears.

Please hold me, hug me, show me your day,  
you'll be sharing your love, in a marvellous way.
My learning is best when perched at your side,
your arms as my classroom, and you as my guide.

Please hold me up high, so that I might see 
all the many wonders, surrounding me. 
When you hold me close, as you socialize,   
my mind expands and more clearly I vocalize!

Take me with you, balanced upon your hip
when you work, walk or take a short trip.
My muscle tone and self esteem are greater,
sooner I will walk, rather than later. 

Give me the hugs and security, for which I long,
so that I know you love me and that I belong.
With your love and help, I will find my wings,
so that I may move on, to much greater things.

Very soon you will find, you're in great shape
your clothes will fit well and beautifully drape.
Secure in your love, I won't cry or cling,    
if you leave me awhile and go out on a fling.

To dream of our future is significant too,
And I know a career is important to you.
When I am older, we will join in the race,
and we'll be more able, to keep up the pace.

Right now, what I know, as certain and right
is that you are my sun, the source of my light.
I need very little, neither expensive or new.
What I need is your love, your time and you.  
                                           — C. Knauf

We can never hold babies too much nor spoil them. When raised with compassion and love, babies will mature to be happy, healthy, loving, social, wise, creative and whole beings. Unlike many of our generation who have 'razed' and crazed the planet.  

From the Desk of Colin Knauf, Nanaimo, 250-327-9515
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