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"I’m calling bullshit on this one."
Chris Bowers' letter to MPs re federal NDP and Green Party statements on Israel - Gaza/Palestine

Letter to Canadian Members of Parliament re
party statements by the federal NDP and Greens regarding Israel and Gaza / Palestine

Dear MPs,

I’m calling bullshit on this one.

I saw the press releases from both the NDP and the Greens. Neither party has had either the balls or the eggs to call out right-wing Israeli Zionists for using this as an excuse to try to stop the Palestinians from creating a legitimate unity Palestinian government.

The air in Ottawa must be particularly polluted to prevent MPs from seeing what is abundantly clear from out here on the West Coast. Here’s what is really going down in Israel. [LINK to Editorial, "Fixing Blame" in the Flying Shingle, July 28, 2014: "It all started when Johnny hit me back. ~ Every abuser, ever, everywhere...."]

And now the NDP proposes to make their silence on Zionist abusive behaviour and their blaming-the-victim stance towards Palestinians all better by having Canadian taxpayers provide financial support to fix what Israel has broken.

Why? If governments insist on arming Israel so they can blow up Palestine and kill Palestinians, why don’t they at least divert some of that money into rebuilding Palestine after every “escalation”?

If I was a person with a Palestinian heritage, what I’d be doing is organising a Palestinian lobby/political campaign fund, as it’s obvious MPs are incapable of being motivated by the injustice of the invasion of Palestine and the Zionist blockade.

And the blatant cycle of abuse playing out in Palestine, where Zionists are increasingly mirroring the way they were treated during the holocaust, is going right over those MPs' heads.

Like most abuse victims turned abusers, Zionists need policing and therapy, not bombs and blind support.

No matter how great the campaign contributions of their Canadian colleagues may be.

For Peace, Truth, and Justice,
Chris Bowers, Gabriola Island BC

[Chris Bowers is Editor/Publisher of The Flying Shingle ]

Comment from Stephanie McDowall, Nanaimo:
Good for you !   An excellent letter Chris.   I wonder if it will be read?  I hope so.  Who is there to vote for now ?    Hope some NDP MPs run as independents or form a new Party.  The present Party can't be redeemed as far as I am concerned.

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